G-Suite Help

Student view Google Classroom

Students contact Ms. Hatcher (annehatcher@nlesd.ca) if you need help with your school google account.

All parents/guardians must sign an Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement prior to students being permitted to use/access technology and online resources at school. The purpose of the agreement is to:

  • Ensure students and parents/guardians are aware of the conditions under which students are permitted to use technology;

  • Outline expectations and responsibilities of students and appropriate and inappropriate use of technology. We ask parents and guardians to monitor use and to discuss these regulations and the proper use of technology with their children and we thank you for your support.

Online / “Cloud Services” Some online tools and apps are referred to as “cloud services”. This means that students will store saved work online. Using cloud services, or online resources, will allow students to work on projects outside of school time. St. Paul's Junior High School will provide each student a user name, password and email address.

To gain access to online resources and applications, students will need to use the provided account, password, and email address. Online privacy is a top priority for our school and the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District.